Fishburn's Farm Market -
 Within our 5 greenhouses, we hold a world of different types and arrangements of flowers.  We carry everything from bedding plants & flowers to hanging baskets overflowing with wave petunias. 
Below are a list of flowers we had this year
2015 prices
Citronilla Geraniums (Mosquito Plant)
12" Wave Petunia Hanging Baskets-$20.00
12"Hanging Combo Baskets-$20.00
14" Wave Petunia Patio Planter-$27.50
Prices subject to change next year
During growing season, we also have a variety of bedding plants such as: Pansies, Coleus, Single 4" Wave Petunias 
Stop by Fishburn's Farm Market in the spring time to see our greenhouse full of flowers!
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